Homage to elders

Today is the start of the full moon Thadingyut Lighting Festival of Myanmar. It celebrates the descent of Buddha from heaven after he preached to his mother – who was reborn in heaven.

It is a time of thanksgiving where younger people pay homage to elders and ask for forgiveness for any wrongdoing. In return, the elders give them back love and forgiveness.

We participated in a moving little Thadingyut ceremony where the Sanon staff presented us with gifts, kowtowed and asked for our forgiveness.

Teachers, elders and parents are highly respected in Myanmar … gotta love a country where grey hair is revered!!!

We have much to learn from this beautiful country about respecting, celebrating and honouring those who came before us.

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5 thoughts on “Homage to elders

  1. all so interesting . love these posts

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  2. Very interesting ….something we could certainly learn from. Though I must say, Gordon does not look all that comfortable!!

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  3. Nice one. A moment for us all to pause for thought. Melx

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    1. Weird to think of myself as an elder!

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