Upward facing cat

Living in this hot Myanmar climate has impacted on my feet 🥴 which can get quite swollen and are still a little sore after my bout of chikungunya.

I haven’t been able to do many warrior poses or downward dogs lately but the yoga mat, my book, a few pillows and a chair have been put to good use… and seems to help.

I also have my furry friend ‘Red’ and her Mum wandering over now and again to make sure I’m ok… or, more likely … they are wanting to be fed!! 🤣

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4 thoughts on “Upward facing cat

  1. I am very pleased you are not lonely…..now Sonia, do not read too much in the pussy cat presence – it is your company they love…food is secondary!! (Well, we will say so)!!!!

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  2. Good to see you taking some R n R time Sonia. Hoping you are on the mend. Sending cool, fragrant compresses your way. 😘😘

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