Paper and Flame

Launching a paper balloon as part of the Thadingyut lighting festival is a tricky affair… paper + flame … it could have gone either way… This one launched at our local pagoda roundabout made it into the heavens.

All over our quarter people had candles in the front of their houses or at pagodas… very beautiful.

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11 thoughts on “Paper and Flame

  1. haha. I bet if this was in Australia, you would have needed a Safe Work Management Statement prepared and pretty sure the paper balloon would definitely have been frowned upon :). so glad beautiful things like this can still happen…

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  2. I remember this from Vietnam – looks wonderful – and remember we bumped into a friend of yours which was hilarious – fond memorieis – more to be created in Myanmar in December


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  3. Obviously no Total Fire Bans over there!! I bet it looks spectacular when all the lanterns are flying. Melx

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    1. Yes… bit of a worry with lots of bamboo structures!

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    2. I didn’t even think of that!

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  4. Spiritual heaven

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  5. My goodness it does look pretty; however me being me and practical, i think – they must be extremely vigulant that fires do not occur…many homes are tinder dry, are they not!.,
    You are party to many cultural traditions; thank you for sharing…

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