An unexpected getaway

Volunteering with the Australian Volunteers Program (AVP) can throw up unexpected opportunities…

This weekend we touched down in Phnom Penh (Cambodia) for a week.

I’m joining a small group of volunteers from across the 26 AVP countries to workshop innovation in volunteering so it should stimulating and I’m looking forward to rethinking how to make this amazing program even more accessible to a wider audience.

If you are wanting a career break or perhaps add a little adventure into your life story while sharing your knowledge and skills then check it out… the range of opportunities is often quite surprising.

Gordon has joined me. He will be updating our Myanmar re-entry visa and he’ll also have some time to explore the city while I ‘work’. He has a long list, as usual… including things for Sanon training restaurant where we are based.

Last night we took a serene cruise at the confluence of the Tonle Sap and Mekong rivers. The city skyline has certainly changed since we were last here with so many more high rise and lots of construction happening.

The tuk tuk ride in the PP traffic wasn’t quite as ‘serene’ but we made it there and back safely!

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4 thoughts on “An unexpected getaway

  1. Enjoy your change of pace and hope the week is stimulating and inspiring xx TT

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  2. Workshop innovation is right up your street Sonia – they are SO lucky to have you and Gordon as part of this wonderful programme…….Look forward to hearing more about it – in person !!!!

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  3. Now that Alan has ‘retired’ we will certainly be looking for volunteering opportunities. You both have inspired us! Melx


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