Ice cream spiders in Phnom Penh

One of the joys of living and visiting other countries is the food. Cambodia has presented its far share of the weird and wonderful.

We couldn’t come at even touching this deep fried tarantula and insect tempura… but the coconut ice creams were divine.

The creepy crawlers were at a very popular high end restaurant and cost about $6 a serve. The dessert was at the local night market and cost about 25c a scoop!

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9 thoughts on “Ice cream spiders in Phnom Penh

  1. ugh – just looking at those spiders makes me shiver – will not be sampling them on my trip ! 🙂 but looking forward to all the other dishes that you have photographed so well – they look yummy !

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    1. Don’t worry – they don’t eat spiders in Myanmar!


  2. Ice cream hands down. Wow. Intriguing food ( for thought!) Did anyone try them ? Tasting like chicken !

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    1. No didn’t taste like chicken and yes people sampled it but not us!


  3. Yes, the tarantula, silkworms, locusts , frogs, and even rats. The latter stopped me. Still, the Cambodians are delightful people.

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  4. Veronica Pansaru October 24, 2019 — 7:45 am

    Oh Sonia – that is the closest you have been to a spider “dead or alive!” The look says it all!!

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    1. I can’t believe someone would eat this creepy crawly!


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