Rugby grand final – South Africa v England

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world when there’s a rugby grand final people will gather.

We’re at Hti Bar a popular watering hole. It’s 3.30pm at about 33 degrees. The beer is flowing and there’s a strong crowd of primarily British supporters.

We’re with a Scottish mate and another Aussie volunteer… positioned by the exit as we are supporting SA!

We just scored three points!!!! Yay… I’ve no idea what’s happening so I’ll just go with the Mexican wave… 😂

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8 thoughts on “Rugby grand final – South Africa v England

  1. As always – hope and expectation runs high…….. didn’t watch the game but wasn’t surprised by the end result.
    Was a great result for South Africa and great to see the first black captain of South Africa raise the trophy!


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  2. Hi Gordon and Sonia
    We watched it in Thornhill, Scotland and a well deserved result.
    Gordon, I can see why you headed to warmer weather in your adult life. Looking forward to being back in Australia on Thursday, today we are heading to Edinburgh for a few days before heading home.
    Always lovely to hear of your exploits in Myanmar, keep them coming.

    Wishing you both all the very best
    John and Valerie

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    1. Looks like you’ve had a fabulous French adventure too!


  3. We watched it in Dubai with my English son in law so quite happy with the result ( ha ha) Regards Stuart & Yvonne

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  4. Love this! Enjoy x

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  5. At home watching the World Cup on TV – go the roses!!!

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