Expect the unexpected

Gordon has never seen himself as a ‘cat lover’. He loves animals but preferred dogs … well Myanmar May have changed that.

A stray cat has adopted us and subsequently had kittens… well indifference may just have tipped into a slight touch of ‘feline love’…

Even when reading our furry friends like to snuggle on our lap. They have found their own little nirvana at the ‘Teacher’s House’. Not sure how they’ll cope when we leave??!! šŸ„“

Volunteering can really lead to some weird and wonder outcomes!

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6 thoughts on “Expect the unexpected

  1. Very cute. Those Kittens must have grown quite a bit by now.

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    1. But have become a bit naughty Iā€™m afraid to say


  2. Maybe you just don’t leave šŸ™‚ – with everything that is going on in the world – might not be such a bad idea right now……..
    And I might stay šŸ™‚


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  3. It’s a bit like me and dogs. I was ambivalent at best about pets but Ben and Brooke’s dog has turned me into a dog lover. (Even if she is very naughty!)

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  4. I did…hope you saw it!!

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  5. Sonia and Gordon are plain KIND – if a child, old lady, ancient man, dog or cat is looking for care and love – they need look no further!!!!

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