Personal horizons

“Humans each have a personal horizon, beyond which they normally dare not look.” (Theodore Zeldin)

Being a part of the Australian Volunteer Program (AVP) has given us a unique opportunity to see the world through a new prism.

We’ve explored lots of new places, read endless thought provoking and entertaining books, encountered an interesting diversity of people, tasted exotic traditional foods and even overcome a few challenges here and there.

All these would never have happened if we didn’t look beyond the horizon and stepped out of our comfort zone…

Selling up our home and getting rid of most of our ‘stuff’ has given us such a sense of freedom and is enabling us to embrace a more adventurous life… and see whether the world is flat indeed!

I’m glad we’ve shared the past 12 months with Myanmar and it’s beautiful welcoming people. We still have 6 months to go and I know it will fly so I wanted to take this moment to reflect on how lucky we are.

“It is in the power of everybody, with a little courage, to hold out a hand to someone different, to listen, and to attempt to increase, even by a tiny amount, the quantity of kindness and humanity in the world… ”

This is another Zeldin ‘gem’ from his book “An intimate History of Humanity”. It is well worth a read.

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2 thoughts on “Personal horizons

  1. Beautiful sentiments.. loving sharing your adventure…your humility and your insights

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  2. Yeeesss. Our virtual experience, thank you, is so enlightening and the opportunity to visit in February is intriguing. So much to do beforehand. Especially so, the festive season gatherings, perfect for a humanist.
    That certainly can’t be bad.
    Love to you both. Be well and happy.
    Undoubtedly wearing a satisfied smile.

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