What I saw on Sunday…

I’m delighted to say I’m now able to get back into my early morning walks around Nyaung-U.

I recently read an interesting article by the famous blind and deaf author and disability advocate – Helen Keller. She spoke about what she’d do if she was gifted three days of sight… and challenged us to not take these senses for granted.

I’ve heeded her words and this weekly I’ve consciously tried to look 👀 more carefully about what I see as I walk.

Every day there are new things to discover… These images tell a story of some of the things I saw on Sunday.

Perhaps I’ll share different sights another day…

Market baskets… we have half a dozen!
Pagoda festival temporary ‘gate’ to Shwezigon pagoda
A local bbq restaurant getting ready for a morning wedding ( they usually last a couple of hours and can be all over by 10.00am!)
Beautiful pots at pop up festival ‘shops’
Ahhhhh floating balloons wafting overhead
A wooden playground near our home

Deep fried dough balls from our local teahouse… you have to be early for these as often sold out by 6.45am! I reckon that because they are the best in Nyaungu… and at 20c each a very tasty and cheap treat.

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2 thoughts on “What I saw on Sunday…

  1. Fantastic Travel log. Love your images Sonia. Those baskets are truly beautiful


  2. Beautiful ! We need to slow down and smell the roses. X

    Liked by 1 person

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