Reaping what you sow

There has been a gradual crescendo of excitement building this week as we drew closer to Graduation Day for the Sanon Class of 2019.

On Monday 25 November 20 students each received their 12 month Sanon Training Restaurant hospitality certificates from various dignitaries – including Mr Alex Street the First Secretary of the Australian Embassy in Myanmar.

VIPS, family and friends travelled from all over the country to be there to see these young people shine. Everyone looked so professional in their fresh new uniforms…

We ‘office girls’ got frocked up in our best longyis and had someone come to Sanon to do our makeup and hair ;-)! Gordon also made a dashing figure wearing traditional dress.

The afternoon event was truly magical and very moving.

There were lots a few tears as past an present students sang a couple of modern and traditional Myanmar songs, shared a little of their Sanon experience on a big screen (Gordon and I’d made a short film) and two students gave speeches. I was so proud of them as this was all done in E-N-G-L-I-S-H!

It’s times like this that reinforce the impact of the Australian Volunteers Program and how grateful we are to have shared in the journey of these incredibly smart young people who are the future of this beautiful country.

The whole Sanon team should feel incredibly proud of the roles they play in transforming lives through their caring, mentoring and excellent training. Bravo to you all.

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