Myanmar Gym

By Gordon…

Exercising here is in a flummox!

We share our daily early morning walking route with a few local regulars who sometime stop to say hello or we give each other a friendly wave.

As we shuffle along past pop up street sellers of breakfast goodies, we also see some people using the free government outdoor training equipment that is dotted around Bagan.

I have also seen it elsewhere throughout the country along roads or in kid’s playgrounds.

These exercise ‘parks’ attract young and old, men and women of all ages and kids. People wear track suits or their traditional longyis and flip flops / slippers. They tackle the ‘gym’ equipment doing leg swings and swiveling circular bars while chatting to a neighbour who may be eating breakfast. It’s the most delicious of sights.
I have also seen a rise in gyms popping up in shops fronts. Dumbbells and treadmills are becoming the new preference. 
Another change is the requirement to purchase the appropriate clothing. This became very apparent recently when we went to a Yangon shopping centre and happened upon a popup ‘active wear’ promotion. 

My gym membership, back in Australia, expired years ago.  Have I missed the times I went to the biweekly yoga or an occasional RPM bike classes?

Perhaps it’s more truthful to say I miss my hairdresser who was located in the same building… anyway I reckon I can legitimately call myself a regular gym junkie… but instead of turning right to the Zumba class I’d just go left for the scissor snip… shhhhhh don’t tarnish my reputation and tell anyone the truth!
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4 thoughts on “Myanmar Gym

  1. Mary Givney-Clark December 28, 2019 — 11:17 am

    The upgraded, brightly painted, public training equipment stations, on the esplanade Bondi to Tamarama, were considered at odds, with staging this year’s Sculpture by the Sea Exhibition. These, & a slight footpath diversion, for disability access, resulted in many discussions by the council & organisers. Yet, it went ahead, with these items not fussing the 500,000 spectators! Perhaps they thought they were a sculpture entry! It still baffles me why so many locals still insist on not making any change to the time they use this equipment, & attempt to jog on the esplanade, amongst the crowds!

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  2. Yes. Merry Xmas you two. Love from we two.

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  3. Thanks for the update. Have a Merry Christmas all the best for 2020. Stuart & Yvonne


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