A trip to the surgeon

… by Gordon

After asking around if there was a surgeon in town, and discovering there was, we had a most enjoyable visit. The couple were very gentle, professional, understanding and spoke enough English for us to have a basic chat.

The surgery they performed didn’t hurt a bit and the recovery time went in a flash. 
Oh! I forgot to mention it was our cat, Red, who went under the knife of the one and only local veterinarian. 

After Red had become pregnant for the second time in her first year of life we thought curbing her ability to reproduce may benefit us all and ensure there wasn’t a multitude of unwanted kittens roaming the neighborhood.
So…with the assistance of one bath mat as wrapping material, one shopping bag to carry the cat and some careful Ebike driving we arrived at the vets, as arranged, to have a sterilization procedure performed.

Red stayed for two days with an assortment of interesting animal characters and was happy to see us when we came to pick her up. 
We are required to return in 10 days to have the stitches removed …in the meantime Red has her healthy appetite back and is now looking at the boys in the patch a little differently.
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3 thoughts on “A trip to the surgeon

  1. I’ll tell Barry and Zoe that they by have dropped down the cat pecking order. Not sure about Red but you look really well Gordon. Merry Christmas and very Happy New year, Kbx and PSD

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    1. Cats have a way of wheedling into their owners lives!


  2. Omg….you had me worried there……thought i had missed something…….
    You think of everything.
    Those cats will miss your love and affection next year!


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