Slightly surreal surprise

It started out as an ordinary Friday morning and ended with us hosting a surprise birthday ‘event’.

This is how it unfolded…

I was walking into work around 8.15am when an ex student came bounding up to me asking if we could host a birthday party… tonight!

“Fine,” I said… not quite knowing what I’d signed up for.

Moe Moe Khine spent the day at our house… and like teenagers everywhere – organised the gig via countless messaging on her mobile phone.

We got home from work at about 5.30pm.

With the venue sorted … we wandered out for a quick bite at our local ‘Yummy Restaurant’ … (great name eh!)

We grabbed some chips and popcorn on the way home… after all it was a party!

Moe Moe Khine then set about transforming our lounge room into a party atmosphere with tinsel and origami birds (from another student living away… she sent them to Bagan on an overnight bus). She’d also bought beautiful roses carefully arranged in a makeshift vase.

The birthday boy Lin Htike and another three ex student ‘guests’ pulled up at our front gate for the ‘cake party’ at about 9.45pm (after their evening shift).

They were shivering from the cold winter air (it’s a 20 minute ride from New Bagan where they all live and work).

We hugged, sang happy birthday, blew out the candles and ate cake. It was quite emotional and very moving.

After a quick chat they promptly washed the plates, took down the decorations, gathered the balloons and the five of them jumped on two motorbikes and headed back to New Bagan…

It was an unexpected but lovely (if not slightly surreal) interlude to our Friday night.

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2 thoughts on “Slightly surreal surprise

  1. So unexpected but so lovely that the students were able to celebrate in your lovely home.

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  2. These students sound so sweet

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