Sunrise sunset central

Bagan is a photographers paradise especially at sunrise and sunset.

I still pinch myself everyday that we’ve had the privilege of living here as part of our Australian volunteers assignment at the wonderful social enterprise of Sanon Training Restaurant.

2019 is now over and we have months to go Of an 18 month gig… so as reality begins to sink in I need to make the most of pagoda visiting and picture snapping!

Close up of pagoda below (from the air 😉 🎈thank you #balloonsoverbagan)

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6 thoughts on “Sunrise sunset central

  1. Just looking at these pictures brings tears to my eyes – it was magical and am so happy that I was able to share some time with you and Gordon in Bagan.

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  2. And great memories they will be. And a wonderful legacy will remain. See you soon. So looking forward to seeing this amazing landscape in real life.

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    1. We are looking forward to your visit too! Just hope you cope without the usual luxuries!


  3. Stunning images Sonia.

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  4. A true wonder of the World! You are so lucky to experience this special part of the World. And they are lucky to have you. Mel

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