Wednesday is wedding day

There was great excitement in our street this Wednesday morning. A neighbour’s daughter or son (not sure which) was tying the marriage knot.

To accommodate the festivities, a nearby public laneway was closed off to ‘create’ a pop up wedding venue… it was like a marquee but with it’s own unique Myanmar style.

Weddings here are usually held in the morning and this one was no different…kicking off with very loud K pop type music around 6.00am.

According to the invitation these wedding festivities went ‘til 11.00am.

During the ‘reception’ guests typically arrive in a constant stream wearing their best gear. Gifts (or cash) are handed over and before being offered bowls of homemade mohinga – the national breakfast dish of Myanmar. It is a yummy fish based lentil and noodle soup garnished with coriander, chilli and lime wedges.

On arrival Wednesday morning we were ushered to a table by another Myanmar neighbour. Once settled we were quickly served our breakfast soup from a big silver bucket along with other residents who live in our ‘quarter’.

The bride and groom were introduced and wanted photos with us. Myanmar people rarely smile in official photos and our bride and groom looked very serious as we posed with them. It had a really lovely communal feel to the whole event.

Today (Thursday morning) the lane way is back to being a thoroughfare. No trace of a wedding AT ALL!

On our walk to work we were stopped a few doors up from our home and invited into the wedding neighbour’s house for the ‘morning after gig’. This time it was a wedge of the yummy sweet and moist traditional Myanmar semolina cake, grapes and milky tea… again served as a breakfast.

This whole experience happened without a word of English and our 10 words of Myanmar language. We were delighted to feel like we were treated like locals and have become a thread that makes up the fabric of this little Bagan community.

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5 thoughts on “Wednesday is wedding day

  1. Heart warming. Thank you for everything you do to make the world a better place. ox ox

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  2. What a delightful insight to a traditional marriage….an experience to remember…thank you for sharing!!

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  3. I recognise that road !!!! 🙂 Looks fabulous – how wonderful to be part of the celebrations and asked as being local neighbours……..that’s a real credit as to how you have just become part of the community in Bagan!

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  4. Having been there so recently, Lyn and I feel as though we really understand the details and feelings of your description. As usual you have been justifiably embraced by the community. Tit for tat so to speak.
    Life memories. Love as always.

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  5. How delightful. Very special. Just love their pink attire. So colour coordinated

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