Wedding… Take 2

It truly is wedding season here in Bagan. This morning we were off to our 2nd celebration this week. This one was huge and held in a monastery near us.

We popped the longyis on… jumped in the back of a truck and headed to the venue… were met by the bride (ex Sanon student) and groom… fed yummy Myanmar food in the local monastery… had photos taken with the wedding couple (and many others!) …jumped back in the truck and we were back home within the hour at 9.50am!

The bride and groom looked gorgeous in their colour coordinated outfits
Leading the way to the dining area
Up the stairs and into the monastery hall

As a point of interest… in Myanmar there are usually no wedding rings, no speeches, no wedding cake … just loads of warm and welcoming hospitality.

Wedding breakfast ready for guests
Curries, salads, rice, spicy extras
The bride chatting to our table guests
Gordon with groom and bride
Photo time
Outside area – guests chatting in groups
Heading home in the truck

Adjacent to the wedding was a Monk’s funeral… we could hear the music from our house and it went all day and most of the night. I walked over to see what was happening and came back none the wiser.

There was a large crowd watching what looked like some kind of traditional play with songs (but I’m not sure).

Vendors were also at the site selling ice cream, toys and food. It was a colourful and emotionally charged vibe. Another special Myanmar moment.

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1 thought on “Wedding… Take 2

  1. Another wonderful moment to cherish during your time in Myanmar!


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