Corona = crazy colour

The Australian Volunteers Program is repatriating all volunteers across 26 countries. It is a mammoth effort but we are on our way home…

We flew to Yangon yesterday ready to fly back to Australia today after our first three itineraries were cancelled… we are hoping to make it back to Kingscliff in New South Wales without too many delays.

This crazy time has made Gordon a little impulsive… and he has had his toes painted a lovely shade of green!

We’ll share some stories as we take our long journey home. It’s a bit of a ‘milk run’: Bagan: Yangon: Singapore: Adelaide: Sydney: Coolangatta. I think with long transit times it will take about 30+ hours. Stay well everyone and look after your neighbours.

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9 thoughts on “Corona = crazy colour

  1. Travel safely you two. Those green toes are delightful 🙂

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    1. And he’s going be stuck with them for at least 2 weeks!


  2. Travel safely Sonia and Gordon. I am sure another adventure awaits you both. Melx

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    1. Thanks Mel…I think we’ll all be grounded for a while!

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  3. Best wishes wonderful people. Your circuitous journey allows you to touch even more hearts. We were planning todrop by on our way to the Sunshine Coast and Bluesfest Easterish but that is understandably all off now. Relax and bathe in all your swings and roundabouts. Love and good health. Vaughan and Lyn.

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    1. Stay healthy and look forward to seeing you down the track… sx


  4. Crazy times – the adventure continues but back in Oz ! Hope to see you soon if the borders are still open .xxxx

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  5. Am not surprised to hear this … my best love to you two and travel safe 🥰🙈

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  6. Veronica Pansaru March 22, 2020 — 11:49 am

    I am so so so so so HAPPY they are on way home….(Sonia’s Mum)

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