Slippers = thongs = flip flops

Slippers / thongs / sandals / crocs/ clip footwear or flip flops 

Regardless of the name used, this simple form of footwear worn in many parts of the world, has taken a new guise recently when we discovered handmade wooden slippers, unique to Myanmar.

Considered a dying artisan skill, this footwear making knowledge resides within previous generations. The ‘timber slipper’ is made from a special tree cut and shaped to an individual’s foot. We were told it ‘moulds itself to the your feet over time’.

While walking home one night we heard a clip clop melody which made us look down and smile… as we passed a local woman who lives up our street wearing wooden slippers… I wonder for how much longer!

There is a push to try and save this craft by a local businessman. He doesn’t want the skill to be lost.

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