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11 thoughts on “About

  1. Looks like you had a fun time in Tonga! I’m trying to get the word out about https://learn-tongan-speak-tongan.teachable.com/
    It’s to help people learn the language. Malo.

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  2. Hi Sonia, Kotoni and lal the beautiful Tongan’s, have a very happy,peaceful and safe Christmas. have been hearing and reading lots aobut your work and the Tongan community. what a beautiful place to live. love seeing all your photos you all look fantastic and well!. Veronic looks the picture of health. Have a great day tomorrow – will be thinking of you. So sorry for not being in touch. Have seen Trudy and Hamish a few times lately – Hamish is a gorgerous!
    Best wishes Love Marie xx



    1. Sitting under a mango tree in the rain!!! This is not what we signed up for!!!


    2. Thanks Marie…very different to Orange! There is no word for snow in Tongan language!!!


  3. Good to see another Gordon Muir in Tonga. I live in Edinburgh Scotland and my wife is from Ha’akami on the west coast of Tongatapu. (at one time the only Tongan in Scotland). We normally visit Tonga and NZ each year but haven’t been since 2011. What a great place where you can eat lots of unprocessed food which is now unusual in the west. Best of luck for the future.


    1. Wow… who would have thought. I am wondering how your lovely Tongan wife survives the Scottish weather… ??!!
      It is surely a small world. Let us know if you come to visit while we are here (til 2014, march)
      the other Gordon (Kotoni) Muir!!!
      ps tell your wife I have a tartan tupenu! Probably the only one in the world!!!


  4. Thanks for sharing such a pleasant idea, piece of writing is nice, thats why i have read it completely


  5. Hi Sonia and Gordon it’s Lucy Arundell here. You seem like you are having a fabulous time! Hope to hear from you soon, Cheers,Lucy:)


  6. Hi Sonia and Gordan, great to hear you’re settling into the Tonga lifestyle.


  7. About to head to snooker. Ken was the only one to show last week!! Vaughan tells me that the streets are filled with shopping trolleys and dog shit and we are unsure of where to eat tonight. The place is falling apart!! Please send some sunshine (moonshine too if you have access) we are in need of a temperature boost. Where are the photos of scantily clad local women?? Don’t let Sonia take all the pics. Must go now, I’ll drive by your place and see if I can acquire some ‘Gordy’ shots for tonight’s games! Cheers


    1. Gord is busy feeding the masses pancakes for breakfast… thanks for your message!


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